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Some of the most popular small claims actions include disputes between landlord and tenants, contract sales, auto accidents and many more.  No matter what the case, a registered process server from our office will serve your SC-100 Petitioner's Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court.

What is Small Claims Court ?

Small claims court hearing is a bit less formal and the rules a lot more simple. You cannot be represented by a lawyer in small claims court. There are two parties to a case, one is the plaintiff and the other is the defendant. The plaintiff is the party bringing forth the lawsuit. The defendant is the party being sued. A lawsuit is initiated when the plaintiff, the party which was damaged, files a lawsuit in small claims court. The court will issue an SC-100, where upon the defendant will be required to be given proper notice. A registered process server is hired to complete the task of giving proper notice to the defendant in your case so that both parties can represent their case in a court of law. You may not be represented by a lawyer in small claims court unless it is an appeal. One other difference you will notice is that there are no juries in small claims court. The judge will decide based on the evidence and rules of law which party is awarded the judgment.

Some important facts to consider about small claims court is that an individual may only claim up to $7500.00. A corporation has a set maximum amount of $5000.00, this includes other entities as well as government claim.


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